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Yoga for kids 6-8 years

  • 45 minutes, game form of the class.
  • Animal movement imitation includes strengthening, free breathing, relaxing prevention of flat feet exercises, and formation of correct posture.
  • Thursday: 14h-14h45 Hall Omnisports Clausen

Yoga for kids 9-12 years

  • 50 minutes.
  • Aims to develop balance, and strengthen muscles, including exercises for flexibility development, free breathing, and stretching exercises.
  • Thursday: 15h-15h50 Hall Omnisports Clausen

Fitness yoga for girls 13-17 years

  • Balance development,  free breathing, concentration stretching, spinal traction, improvement of flexibility exercises
  • Thursday: 17h – 17h50 Hall Omnisports Clausen 

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